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It is Simpler than You Think

A critically important opportunity – a chance to attend a Seminar that will answer a question you may have already asked yourself. It is this:

Where is the TOP REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT Hotspot in Melbourne
And How Can I Find It?

Many so-called savvy property investors would like to know where that “special place” is located … or if it even exists. But, you don’t have
to spend time trying to find it. That’s because …

Seminar scheduled to take place by invitation at Eastgate, 46 East Coast Road #09-01 Singapore 428766.

This is no ordinary property seminar. It features a guest speaker whose name may be familiar to you – Charlie Benedetti

Perhaps you’ve heard of him. He is acknowledged to be one of the biggest homebuilders in all of Australia … and one of the most knowledgeable and best informed.

To put it in a nutshell, Mr. Benedetti is going to tell you where to invest your money in real estate in Melbourne … and how to make it grow – substantially.

This is privileged information – extremely valuable to you if making money is what you want to do in Australia.

If you decide to attend this COST-FREE-TO-YOU property Seminar, make sure you bring pen and paper along. You’ll want to take notes. Here is just a little of what you’ll learn from Mr. Benedetti. He plans to give you the benefit of his vast experience in the Melbourne Real Estate Market. So … you’ll learn what he knows about Melbourne’s (Australia) best residential properties and what you need to do to invest in them to enjoy sustained, long-term capital growth … income you can rely on – lots of it.

In this part of his easy-to-understand lecture, you’ll discover the fundamentals of “smart investing” based on population and demographic projections which have been prepared by the Australian Bureau of Statistics(ABS), the Housing Industry Australia (HIA) in its compelling
“Housing to 2020” Report … and much more.

For instance, you’ll learn that the city of Victoria is expected to add more than four hundred thousand new households by 2020. That presents an opportunity you may not have known even exists. And, when armed with the right information, it’s an opportunity that can lead to significant capital gains for you.

And that information is what awaits you at the Charlie Benedetti property Seminar.

Here’s something else you need to know:: 400,000 new homes will not just show up one day in the year 2020. The truth is, construction professionals have already forecast that Australian property and homebuilders will have to erect as many as 45,000 new homes, condos, townhouses and more every year – in Victoria (Australia) -- beginning in 2013 right up to 2020 in order to meet the rapidly-increasing demand.

For SMART Australia Real Estate and property Investors – Like You -
This is a GREAT CHANCE to “Make BIG MONEY” in Australia property investment

I hope you’re starting to get excited. The real estate or property market in Australia is strong. And that is particularly true in the areas that surround Melbourne, such as regional Victoria, where population growth continues to outpace most other parts of the Australia.
The fact is that the Melbourne property market is somewhat of a “hotbed” of activity, thanks in large part to its expanding population. Citizens from other parts of Australia have been moving to Melbourne, immigrants from the Asia Pacific area and other parts of the world, as well, have been coming here, too.

Victoria is actually experiencing a “population explosion.” And it stands to reason that each new arrival needs a place to live … a nice, pleasant, safe and comfortable home.

And that’s where you come in. If you can find the right place to invest your money – homes that people want and can afford – there is no limit to how much you can grow your capital investment.

Three main Australia Federal taxes that a Property Investor needs to pay attention are

  • Australia Income Tax
    • Income tax is levied on your taxable income not total income from rental of Australia property
    • Taxable income is calculated as Gross rental income (from all Australia properties owned) less any allowable deductions incurred in earning that property rental income in Australia. A prevailing non- residential rate of tax is levied on the surplus of net rental income from Australia property.
  • Australia Capital Gains Tax
    • Capital gain tax is levied on profit made on the sales or transfer of Australia property.
    • Capital gain is subject to tax on the excess of the sales price over the purchase price of Australia property.
  • Australia Goods & Services tax.
    • Good and services tax is payable when a new Australia property is first sold by anyone in the property business, building and construction development.
    • Good and services tax is payable by an Australia property owners on the provision of maintenance, property management and other miscellaneous cost.

Another important element, as property investor needs to be attentive for, is financing in Australia Property:

  • Establishment /application fee
  • Set up cost – stamp duty, legal and valuation fee
  • Interest rate – fixed or variable rate
  • Term of loan – how long is the loan period
  • Penalty clauses – what is the penalty charges
  • Lending ratio - ratio based on valuation
  • Multi currency option – for property investment needs

For Property Investor that invests in Australian property is regarded as one of the best asset for international real estate or property investment portfolio.

Maximum loan available to overseas-based Australia property investors is up to 90% of the purchased price or Australia property valuation system. There are possibilities to fund 100% of the purchase price of an Australia property if investors have surplus equity in their existing properties.

Charlie Benedetti can “unlock the secret” to a successful real estate investment in Melbourne… in Victoria (Australia), as well.

These Australia property seminar setting is relaxed and comfortable, but more importantly, it is extremely informative. When you attend you’ll learn all of the following.

The best real estate or property investments in Australia …

  • OFFER BUYERS Physically Attractive Environments
  • OFFER BUYERS Ample Public Transportation
  • OFFER BUYERS Quality Schools
  • OFFER BUYERS Convenient Shopping
  • OFFER BUYERS Great Neighborhoods and Friendly Neighbors

Importantly, these same “sound investments” offer you something, as well – significant capital growth potential.

The Next Big Step Is Yours … Come to this Australia property Seminar Attendance is BY INVITATION only … The Information you’ll Get is PRICELESS

With so much to gain and absolutely nothing to lose, there is only one thing left for you to do. Call SG Condo today at 65788282 to confirm your reservation. Spend an hour with your peers and with Mr. Charlie Benedetti and leave the Seminar armed with the information you’ll need to turn your property investment dollars into a “virtual goldmine.”

For example, housing within 10km to Melbourne CBD offers potential tenants a superb living experience. It gives you a chance to realize a huge return on your investment. Why … it may be the best residential property investment opportunity currently available in Australia.

Mr. Benedetti will tell you about it and others, too. It’s the kind of “inside” Australia property information you want and need.

Call SG Condo to understand Australia property and real estate investment more – right now – at 65788282 to look for Mr. Anthony Low for more details.

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