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We are proud to announce that SG Condo Pte Ltd has been awarded the Top Promising SME 500 Award 2013.

Thank you, valued clients , business associates and employees, for your continued support and recognition of our efforts. We are very encouraged by this award and we will continue to provide our very best to you.

Top Promising SME 500 Award 2013. is supported by SMBA, a business association founded to promote business excellence among local SMEs and inspire a greater entrepreneurship drive among the next generation of Singaporeans. The Advisory Judging Panel and main organizers include industry top executives and consultants from the fields of Banking and Finance, Human Resource, Academia, Politics and Business Management. SMBA is also closely affiliated with top Local universities such as NUS and are actively supporting the NUS Entrepreneurship Society in their efforts to promote entrepreneurship among the youths and young adults.

SG Condo team Reviews : Good Job

My unit at Amaryllis Ville 2 bedroom rented out in less than 30 days and got a very high rental with good corporate Japanese family ... well done ... and good job.
--Mr Tan T.L - Amaryllis Ville Landlord

Strongly recommended !!!

To my surprise SG Condo Teams exceeded my expectations for the rental price, thanks to them, we will be able to sign the tenancy agreement for our unit with support from Amaryllis Ville Sales and leasing team. They actively searched and maximize their network connections to the utmost of their capabilities. They understood perfectly our preferences and introduced a Japanese family that matched our expectation. Within a short period of 10 days, Amaryllis Ville Leasing Team managed to identify a suitable tenant, as well as complete the Legal documentation, thus allowing me to benefit financially since our unit didn't need to be vacant for a long time.

Best of all, Amaryllis Ville Sales and Leasing team exceeded my high expectations for their commitment, thanks to their negotiation skills with looking at many details. Amaryllis Ville Sales and Leasing team provided us with important insights into the current market.

We will ask for continued support from them in the future, as well as look forward to introducing SG Condo team to my friends who are looking for any kinds of condominium transaction leasing market in Amaryllis Ville.
--Peter Johnson Family


Well done, very responsible team, I got my units from SG Condo.Very helpful and professional. My family was very happy in our home search
--Scotts Anna - UK

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CNY Dragon Year

As 2012 is the Chinese Year of the Dragon, the most auspicious Chinese Horoscope that comes once in 12 years, it is fitting that the "Thank You" and well-wishing appreciation advertisement from SGCondo is shaped liked a dragon with their clients forming the "scales" of the serpentine body. The Dragon symbolizes luck and prosperity of the highest degree, and the depicted stylized Dragon urges SGCondo's clients and associates to be blessed with luck and soar to greater heights in their respective endeavours.

Testimonial for SG Condo from Mr Leow .JE

I own a unit at The Sail #5x-x2.

I had many property agents contacting me to rent my unit although I had indicated that I was only desirous of selling my unit. Many of the property agents were trying their luck and talking me into renting out my property at unreasonably low rentals. They pestered me and were a nuisance.

However your SG Condo Leasing team were different. They approached me in very professional manner and did not make a nuisance of themselves by pestering me. They persuaded me that given the poor housing market it would be better for me to rent out my unit if I could get a good rental and that they would help to do so.

SG Condo leasing deserve special mention. They were able to get me a tenant who although he had a housing budget of $x000 pm agreed after maneuvering by SG Condo team to pay an extra $x000 for the unit. And this only after 2 viewings of the unit. There was no hassle and the deal was quickly wrapped up in time for me to proceed on my overseas trip.

SG Condo Leasing gave me good advice on the terms of the LOI and Tenancy Agreement. SG Condo was most helpful in overseeing the installation of fittings and cleaning up of the premises , followed through with checking of inventory and handing over of the unit allowing me to be overseas without having to worry about my unit. They were very helpful.

I have informed SG Condo team that I am still desirous of selling my property and hope that they will be as able to do so as they were in renting out my unit.

It has been a pleasure dealing with your staff.

SG Condo Management

I would like to highlight the good work done by the following team of From SG Condo who managed to get a very attractive rental for my property at: Tanglin View

They were very different from the other agents which promised me very high rental but in the end failed me. The biggest difference was their integrity----- the delivered what they promised.

What impressed me the most was their quick and efficient work-style. They kept me well informed and most importantly had my interests at heart. They fought hard to give me the best deal which was both fair to me and my tenant.

I commend them for an excellent job done! I will definitely engage their services for my next rental property.

Best regards,
Mr Dennis

SG Condo Management

This is just a letter to tell you how much I had appreciated your help in enabling me to rent out my apartment at The Cliff in such a short time and with minimal fuss. Thank you for always responding promptly and efficiently to all my queries and for all your useful and practical solutions to the minor issues that have cropped up along the way. My thanks also for your assistance in ensuring the tenant's satisfaction with the tenancy and for always responding so promptly to his queries and problems. I hope to continue working with you in the future.
--Peter Koh


Mr. Nicholas Goh, I knew him more than 5 years ago when he fetched record rental for my first apartment twice. He gave me excellent service and delivered super results in double-quick time. Naturally, when I collected my keys to another apartment, I continued to do business with him. Mr Goh introduced me to one of his top agents -Mr Andrew , a quietly confident type, not too talkative and showy, the sort who inspires confidence and can deliver. True enough, 2 weeks after I gave my keys to SG Condo team, they delivered results! A very high rental to hit my target of 8 % gross rental returns.

Mr. Nicholas and Andrew, 3 instances left a very deep impression on me.

When I enquired from Nicholas about IEA and the market practice of agent commission, he gave me detailed information and went the extra mile. He asked me questions, put the issues on the table and offered his considered opinion! It was very insightful, just what I need.

The second time was when he wrapped up the deal. It was a deal fraught with issued and could have scuttled. Andrew was honest, open, and sincere in sharing issues. Unlike dozens of agents I work with, he could tell me detailed information systematically and professionally, without prompting. He gave his best and would act in everybody's interests. Amazing, he could and dared to challenge my views and thinking. I trust him. Today, I would say it's a deal made in heaven- everyone wins and are happy!

Lastly, I Think SGCondo team also played a part in the success of the deal. They worked hard and kept me informed about their marketing efforts.

I think you have a very good team. And Nicholas Goh is rare gem, a super Realty Advisor - professional, generating high value and giving his best everyday. He may not be the showy sort. I thought I will surprise everyone by giving the above feedback to you.

For sure, I will continue to do more business with SG Condo

Ms Lim t.w

Testimonial for Ms Celine Tay

It is with great pleasure that I write to you today regarding an outstanding member of your staff.

In Soleil , this year, my family and I engaged Ms Celine , a senior sales associates with your esteemed company, to market our units in Soleil for lease. To our amazement, Ms Celine leased out one of the units in record time, with the tenant moving in barely two weeks after we took possession of our keys! The other unit was also leased out not long after, and at a price well beyond our expectations.

This is extraordinary given the current dismal state of property's return on investment. This vast difference in results is all the more stark when we compare our incredible experience to that of friends who have similar properties to let.

Throughout this period, we found Ms Celine to be highly committed, professional and providing an excellent one-stop service. He has gone the extra mile to make this investment hassle-free for us (truly a blessing, considering our hectic work schedule); to the extent of going shopping with the tenant to contain our costs, and even assisting us in selling off the excess furniture in one of the units that the tenant did not need.

We shall certainly be strongly recommending Ms Celine services to all our friends and associates. I sincerely congratulate you on having such an exceptional member in your team.

Letter of reference for Ms Sharon Lee from SG Condo

We are co-owners of Park Infinia 1x-17 ( the "Unit").

We appointed a property agent from SG Condo comprising Ms Sharon Lee as our Exclusive Marketing Agent to market and sell out the abovementioned Unit.

Within a month from the appointment date, our Unit was successfully sold at above the specified selling Valuation.

We are pleased with the excellent services rendered by Ms Sharon in their capacity as our Executive Marketing Agent. She is dedicated and committed in her work and deliver results as promised. She is also experienced and able to provide good value advice as our Exclusive Marketing Agent.

Ms Sharon is easily contactable and returns our calls promptly. In addition, she provides value added services in sourcing for price quotations and assisting us with arrangement to resell our furniture in the Unit. We would like to thank Ms Sharon for the job well done.

This letter is provided voluntary as a gesture of our appreciation to Ms Sharon without any consideration. We do not provide any future guarantee or claims that the same level of services will be rendered and will not be held liable for any claims or damages arising from this letter of reference.

Yours sincerely,
Loh & family.

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