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Dedicated Relocation Services

SG Condo provides relocation services to companies relocating their employees in Singapore. SG Condo relocation services are designed exclusively to support the individual needs of relocating, catering to their immediate comfort and accessibility with the company's relocation package.

To date, our residential relocation services had provided over thousands of prime condominiums variety to expatriates, be it alone or with family, moving in to Singapore since 2000.

So if you are thinking to relocate to Singapore, approach your most preferred relocation partner, SG Condo.

For corporate businesses, SG Condo provides local residential housing solutions.

SG condo to provide residential home search and investment sales services, moving and managerial services to individuals and families moving in to Singapore.

Relocating to Singapore will be a pleasing capability with SG Condo. It's a venture to achieve rewarding possibilities.

SSG Condo provides the help and direction, the attention and delicate responsiveness required for home search and residential sales investment for expatriates, so each can recognize its countless benefits.

Moving to Singapore

Total area: 710 km2

Singapore is a vibrant, hustling, bustling country full of opportunities and excitement. Total population is more than 5 million, of which estimation of 3.8 million are Singapore Residents and about 1.49 million are Non- Residents. For Singapore Residents, Chinese population is about 2.8 million, Malays are about 500,000, and Indians are about 350, 000 and others are about 125,000. Singapore has four official languages: English, Chinese, Malay, and Tamil. Singapore is one of the five founding members of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN).

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