The Skyline @ Phnom Penh SG Condo
Why Invest In The Skyline (Cambodia)?

  1. 1. Young & Inexpensive workforce
    • Among Asia lowest work force
    • Abundance of willing and trainable work force
    • Rising literacy rate has surpass 75%
  2. 2. Prime location in one of the fastest growing region in the world
    • Sandwiched between 2 larger, more developed economics (Thailand & Vietnam) facilitating economic spillover
    • Midway between china and India
    • Along the Gulf of Thailand providing the country with ease of access to maritime trade
  3. 3. Rising productivity
  4. 4. Stable politics
    • Prime Minster has held power since 1985
    • Several minsters are also long serving and experience
  5. 5. Pro-Business government and favorable investment climate
    • 100% Foreign ownership, except land
    • Attractive investment incentives
    • No Capital Gain Tax
  6. 6. Strong GDP growth
  7. 7. Increase Trade Integration
    • WTO Member since 2004
    • Duty Free or preferential export access to most developed economies
    • AEC 2015
  8. 8. Improved transport connectivity
    • All key roads and bridge with neighbouring countries have been or will soon be upgraded
    • Expansion of the Phnom Penh Airport
    • 3 International Airports
    • Railroad system is being rehabilitated
    • Container sea port in Sihanoukville has been modernized and expanded
    • River Port in Phnom Penh is being relocated and enlarged to better access Vietnam’s new deep sea ports
  9. 9. Untapped natural resources and land
    • Off Shore Oil and Gas Reserve
    • Fertile Land for production and processing of agricultural commodities
    • Abundant mineral deposits await mining
    • World Class tourism Sites (Beaches, islands, history, culture, nature)
  10. 10. Underpenetrated, growing domestic consumer market
    • Exceptionally youthful demographics ensures rising domestic demand (61% Cambodians are under 25 years old, median age 21)
    • Urbanization will show robust growth over the next decade
    • Per Capita GDP and purchasing power has more than doubled over the past decade and will continue to rise
  11. 11. Unleveraged financial position
    • Relatively low levels of sovereign, corporate, consumer debt
    • Well capitalized, conservative, banking system
    • No tradition of government bailouts and subsidies
  12. 12. Prime Location - Set on a piece of Prime Freehold Land. Located right in the heart of Phnom Penh’s CBD.
  13. 13. Low Quantum - Low entry investment starting from USD $155,000. Every man on the street can benefit from this investment opportunity.
  14. 14. Leverage - Foreign investors can obtain bank financing up to 50%. You can maximize the returns on your cash invested.
  15. 15. Guaranteed Rental Return - 18% Rental Guaranteed over 3 years. Hassle free investment. You can hold your property with a piece of mind.
  16. 16. Tallest Residential Development in CBD - The Skyline will be tallest residential development in downtown CBD. The Skyline will be an iconic tower standing next to the famed Vattanac Capital Tower
  17. 17. No Capital Gains Tax - Investors are able to sell anytime they profit from their property investments without having to worry about having their profits reduced.
  18. 18. Integrated Project - A 3 storey mall featuring F&B outlets and shops will be integrated with The Skyline.
  19. 19. Low Down Payment - All you need is to pay 10% down and you can start investing today.
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